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What is Pixel Encounter?

The site

Simply a web application and an API which generates randomly generated pixel monsters in SVG format. It can be used to create profile pictures. If you are on the home page, then go to the API page for documentation. Feel free to use the API to integrate it in your application to create avatars or something else.

To demonstrate the API we have created a app which add gamifications features. Each monster that you discover will give you points as Pixels and will have your name (Nickname) to be registered as discovered by. You will only earn points as long as your energy (Pixel Memory) is not zero. By earning Pixels you will earn levels to advance your character. Level will be scored in the ranking. More monsters will be seeded every week and as long as active users are using the application.

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Year 2099 when the Next Generation Large Hadron Collider at CERN was turned on something went wrong. A quatum dimensional gates started to appear in places where high concentration of technologies existed, through those gates monsters started to invade our world.

Year 2113 CERN developed a technology called Monster Dimension Attractor Device also known as M.D.A.D which was used to spawn monsters to a fixed location by creating a fabricated gate. With experience and something called Pixels it became possible to pull monsters from those gates.

People who started to use those devices where called Collectors by the people and they helped CERN to identify the monsters by collecting a new element called Pixels.

The identified monsters will then spawn at the real gates and it is up to you to save the day by defeating them! (Upcoming feature)